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“Active” Traveling

July 25, 2012

I am on the way home from a short, four day trip to California to visit family.  This trip did not have a specific agenda.  The main purpose was just to check in on my Dad without him really knowing that he was the reason for my trip.  I brought my son with me this time so that necessitated that we stay don’t stay at my Dad’s place.  I am protecting my son from my father’s impatience and I am protecting my father from my son’s ridged habits.  Most of all, I am protecting myself from needing to accommodate both of their quirks at the same time.


My brother’s home offers a perfect combination of a giving us everything we need while placing no demands on us.  My sister-in-law makes us feel totally welcome gives us carte blanche to come and go, take and use.  I raided her kitchen cabinets and reveled in the culinary resources available to create meals for my Dad that I could deliver to his waiting freezer. 


The really remarkable feature of this trip, and the reason for including it’s description in this blog on health, was the activities in which we engaged.  I thought about our activities prior to the trip.  I did not want to go from meal to meal just to catch up with friends and family only to repeate the same stories over and over while consuming too much sodium and calories that is enviable when eating in restaurants.  I didn’t try to make this trip about seeing lots of old friends, in fact, while I checked in with friends who would otherwise yell at me for coming into town and not letting them know, I told most I would catch them on my next trip in a few months.  This trip was for Noah and I to stay active and spend time with the oldest and the youngest in the family.


Sunday, my nephew joined us and we drove into San Francisco, parked and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge from vista point to vista point!  It was about 4 miles in total.  It was not a speed race but it was an amazing activity we could do together that consumed energy instead of calories.  In fact, the GGB is remarkably void of any options to purchase junk (food or souvenirs).  It took a couple of hours by the time you include parking, watching the gorgeous scenery and walking.


Monday we had intended to tackle Mission Peak but decided to wait until a more appropriate season since there is little to no shade on that hike and it was at least a five our endeavor in all.  However, we did not totally abandon our desire to start the day actively.  We discovered that the trail entrance to Fox Trail in the Bishop Ranch reserve was right down the street from where we were staying.  Noah and I donned our bug spray and sun screen an of we went.  It was a strenuous hike with steep inclines and declines.  I’m not sure which were harder.  All I know is that today, my upper thighs are letting me know that they exist!  Apparently, while I was in a knee-blended squat trying delicately not to digress into a bottom landing slide down the hills, I was exercising my thighs!  Can’t do that on a treadmill!


The afternoon continued with a “Reading Picnic” (a favorite activity of mine to do with kids) with my great-niece at the Lafayette Reservoir followed by a swim and then an evening of “reverse babysitting.” Reverse babysitting is when the babysitter (me) pays the parents (my niece and her husband) to get out of the house and leave me to play with with their children (ages 2 & 5) while they get a much needed and rarely taken not out to themselves.


Bottom line…new life choices extend not only to eating and routine exercise but they have now transcended officially into a LIFESTYLE.  Who knew, I could be an active person and like it!


Footnote: I had to remind Noah that I was significantly younger than him and, “no, I would not just run down the hill quickly.  After all, I reminded him that he was the kid who would be taking care of a mother with a broken hip if I was not careful on this unstable terrain!



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