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When a Cupcake gives Insight

March 17, 2012

            Several months into this new life plan, my niece, Shayna came to Houston for a visit.  We had all kinds of activities planned.  She is an avid fan of cupcake wars and was really excited about going to the shop called “Sprinkles” which is owned by one the judges on the show, the originator of the latest trend in cupcake bakeries.  It was a cute little show with incredible flavors of cupcakes.  One cupcake after all is a limited intake.  It’s not like buying a cake and picking away at it a little at a time.  It is reasonably finite and I planned to have one.  I had planned my day to include this high calorie treat. Shayna and I sat at the window bar and really enjoyed our treats.  As I ate the cupcake I noticed it was very sweet.  It was sweeter that I thought it would be and, although it was very good (I got the carrot cake flavor) it did not taste as good as I had imagined it would.   What was more significant was the physical reaction.  Within 10 minutes I started feeling bad.  I got a headache and I just felt gross.

            I am so glad I ate that cupcake.  I learned a lot that day.  I learned that the choice to eat the cupcake was not a slip in my plan from which I would begin sliding ever downward.  I had chosen to eat it and planned for it within the rest of the day’s meal plan.  I didn’t need to “start again in the morning” because I had not ended anything.  What was even more significant was the proof that my body did not want or need that kind of simple sugar anymore.  It felt so much better being “clean” and the “addiction” had lost it’s appeal.  When I go to a special dinner with friends or a party celebration where sugary desserts are integral to the evening, I have the best of all worlds.  I do eat some.  I eat some.  “Some” is the word to emphasize here.  I enjoy 3-4 bites of the special treat.  I enjoy it.  I savor the taste and then I stop.  More than 4 bites and I know my body will start to yell at me.  It doesn’t want or need the sugar.  I am not deprived.  Nothing is off limits.  Everyone is happy, including my thighs!

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