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Before and “After” Pictures

March 17, 2012

One week prior to starting to make changes.  I was driving through Pensacola on the road home from a Florida trip with the kids.  We stopped to see my best friend from our Alabama day.s (Yes, I know that Pensacola is not in Alabama, but that is where she lives now.)  We took a picture together.  Here is is below.  It’s HORRIBLE!  You can’t even see my body but it doesn’t matter.  You can tell I was not healthy.


This last December (16 months later) we were again driving through Pensacola.  I called my friend and said I need a new picture of us.  Here it is below…MUCH BETTER!


  1. You can really see the transformation, you’re looking lovely – well done for staying so dedicated!

  2. Great job on losing the weight; I know it wasn’t an easy road, but you did it:))))) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  3. Wow, you look amazing! Really, a very remarkable change!

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